Bernsen, Steven P.; Gerbi, Christopher C.; Nesbitt, Ian M.; Hill, Ann; Vel, Senthil; Christianson, Knut; Campbell, Seth W.; Hills, Ben

Zenodo (2021)

doi: 10.5281/ZENODO.5498194



The Seismic and Radar Toolbox (SeidarT) is a collaboration between the Universities of Maine and Washington to provide an open source platform for forward modeling elastic (seismic) and electromagnetic (radar) wave propagation. The major objective of the project is to easily and quickly implement isotropic and anisotropic complex geometries and/or velocity structures to investigate, and plan field campaigns to image local and regional subsurface structure, particularly for the cryosphere. Larger problems require the curvature of the Earth to be taken into consideration.

Plain-text abstract

SeidarT is a piece of software that allows users to mathematically model the behavior of electromagnetic and seismic waves in various liquid and solid substances. This is particularly useful when a user wants to establish evidence that a given survey site has a particular set of physical properties and/or geometries that may make survey results look a certain way.